Joint local events (TACT, or other collaboration between churches)

Tavistock Healing Rooms logoHealing Rooms
- For anyone who needs prayer for healing

For more details, contact David Palmer on 01822 612100.

Ignatian Prayer Group - online meetings coming up

Iganatian Prayer Group

Ignatian prayer is a form of Biblical meditation using the styles of prayer recommended by St. Ignatius of Loyola, in particular imaginative contemplation and meditative reading (Lectio Divina). The Ignatian Prayer Group is running 3 sessions online between Easter and Pentecost - if anyone is interested, contact Liz (626243) or Hazel (811045) for details.

Each meeting is on a Wednesday at 7.30pm and the programme is as follows: -
14th April - Luke 24:36-48 (Jesus appears to his disciples in the Upper Room)
28th April - John 21:1-19 (Jesus appears to his disciples on the beach)
12th May - Acts 1:1-11 (The Ascension)

The group is supported by TACT and the Roman Catholic Diocese of Plymouth Ignatian Spirituality Group.

Prayer in the Square

For more details, contact David Palmer on 01822 612100.