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Street Pastors and Prayer Pastors are Christians drawn from a cross-section of local churches with a concern for their local community.   They seek to provide a reassuring presence by patrolling and praying for the streets of their town late at night.

Pioneered in London in January 2003, and operating in Tavistock since late 2009, Street Pastors has seen some remarkable results, including reductions in crime and anti-social behaviour along with an increased sense of peace and safety for those out and about late on Friday and Saturday nights.

By engaging in a non-judgemental way with people on the streets, Street Pastors seek to care, listen and help in whatever way they can.                  For more information please see Tavistock Street Pastors                          or email


School pastorsAt present we have 10  School Pastors and 10 Prayer Pastors, who have completed the training, and there appears to be interest from others in attending training in the autumn for both Street and School Pastors. 




In talks with Tavistock College, they suggested that we hold back in commencing duty until the beginning of the Autumn term. Their reasoning was that there is a considerable wind down after the half term holiday, plus with a new intake in September, we could address the school assemblies and everyone would be aware of who we were at the beginning of the new academic year. We shall now commence in the second week of the term, namely 12th September, with assemblies taking place each day that week, so we are able to address the whole school, so everyone is aware of who we are.

For More information on School Pastors please contact Roger Bird on 01822 810003 or email

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Catalyst is an inter-denominational trust set up and supported by TACT.

By employing a worker who works with young people in and out of schools and who also acts as a catalyst in setting activities up, e.g. School Pastors and Youth Mentoring. Catalyst aims to:

  • To share the Good News of Christ
  • Provide a bridge between churches and schools in the Tavistock area, connecting the resources of churches with the needs of schools.
  • Support Christian young people in their school environment, helping them to live out Christ centred lives

The new Catalyst website is now up and running! You can access this at All our most recent news, updates and
opportunities are on there, including details of the new team starting 15th September. ®
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